Aug 3, 2022 How do I feed my cows on Farming Simulator 22 Go to the store and select the construction menu. Dec 23, 2021 Cowshed with 500 animals, bale acceptance and larger capacities for storage and feeding robots.

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GIANTS Software.

. The robot will automatically. .

Do you have a barn with a feeding robot Then, you only need to deliver the ingredients to the barn (straw, hay, silage and mixed feed).

. (518,500) The Cow Barn has a feeding robot and will hold 80. Increased capacity for inputs and outputs.

Option to define feeding time and adjustment of the mixing ratio. The robot never ran until all the food (TMR) the was in the barn had already been used (this took 1 day).

Now will not move or feed, tried everything.


. Your basic enclosed cattle pasture can hold 15 cows.

3. 13m x 21m.

I moved the small extension as far away i was allowed on the same side as the barn slurry pump point (just straight out).

the robot was working before, the feeds are all filled but the robot is stuck on his way through the barn(there are no obstacles nearby).


. Feeding robot stuck. .

Also on the side theres a space for minerals but they are not necessary. In the base game, there are 4 barns to choose from If you purchase the regular Cow Pasture, you will have to buy a water source. Bunker Capacity 120000l. I am on PS5 and for the cow barn with robot feeder I notice you need silage, hay. Fixed the issue that the feed mixers would not accept cracked corn to make TMR. If I set the worker to use from the silo, it uses from the pigsty silo extension.

5 now offers the option of delivering the animals to the butchers shop from the first month.

This is beyond what my brain can handle. Nov 25, 2021 EDIT Actually, looking at the shredder it doesn&39;t take anything but straw bales.


Mar 7, 2023 Here are my favorite FS22 cow barn mods with feeding robots (and without) 1.

Hey, I expierienced a problem I didn&39;t see yet.


Additionally, the Cowbarn accepts Bales inside and in the Version with the Feeding Robot, at the Robot station.